Suse Linux Enterprise Custom Built RPMs

SLED 11 Service Pack 1 Addons

CD Created 15 June 2010 for the release of SLED11 Service Pack 1
CD MD5SUM 86c2a0509ffd6129192215c6885e941d - SLED11SP1_AddonCD-i586.iso

DVD Created July 1 2010, includes everything from the CD, plus lots of games (see below)
DVD MD5SUM 6df0db88eea33ad155ea8005e50bb7b5 - SLED11SP1_AddonDVD_i586.iso

Download using a BitTorrent Client. There is only 1 mirror so far, listed below. If you wish to host my CD Addons, Contact Me with your Mirror Info and I will add it here.

This release has been in development off and on for the last 3+ months or so. I mainly focused on ensuring all the multimedia libraries work together and ensured that all the most popular applications were available. Quite a few applications were added and only a couple were removed.

Currently I only have a i586 architecture CD/DVD. I may (or may not) release a 64bit version in the future, depending on the feedback (donations would help immensely :-)

Bittorrent Downloads - (Please try to use and Seed these torrents)
SLED11SP1_AddonCD-i586.iso torrent
SLED11SP1_AddonDVD-i586.iso torrent

Mirrors with the AddonCD - Thanks John van Rensburg

Repository Access

To help fund my work, I have decided to charge for access to my software repositories, which is $20 USD. If you want to easily install the software from a repository and have access to all the updates that I provide, follow the following link to help fund my work. Thanks.

The repository includes quite a few updates and has quite a few more games, such as scummvm and more FPS games (along with others) and more multimedia apps, such as Rhythmbox, more totem plugins and the like.

Included Software

Along with various utilities and most codecs to playback most multimedia files, the SLED11SP1 Addon CD includes:

The Addon DVD also includes:

SLED 10 Service Pack 2 Addon CDs

CD Updated 19 May 2008 for the release of SLED10 Service Pack 2
MD5SUM Addons CD: e2f3bbcc963f01fa571753493a55c599
MD5SUM Games CD: 8a5d514dcdce4020c935a64bb38dcfdc

DJS-Consulting Mirror - Thanks Daniel !

Bittorrent Downloads - (Please try to use and Seed these torrents)
SLED10-SP2-Addons.iso torrent
SLED10-SP2-Games.iso torrent

Updates for SP2 - I did quite a bit of work for the SP2 release, most noticeably I scripted out the building of the RPMs to allow me to fully test every beta release of SLED10 SP2. This also allowed me to tweak the RPMs to find the latest version of the software releases that would work properly with SLED10.

With the release of SP2, SLED10 also includes an "Add On Creator". This tool allowed me to restructure my Addons CD so it can be used as a Software Repostiory during installation. Simply add the CD as an Installation Source either during the Installation Routine or after you setup your computer to easily install the packages from the CD.

I also had quite a few requests for additional software, which forced me to move all of the "Games RPMS" to a separate CD (as well as a few educational titles). This CD includes: Alice, Armagetron, descent2-rebirth, FlightGear, FreeCiv, Frozen-Bubble, GXMame, Lincity-NG, Neverball, PRBoom, Scratch, SCUMMVM, SCUMMVM-BASS, SCUMMVM-FOTAQ, SimGear (required to build FlightGear), SNES9x, Stella, SuperTux and Wesnoth.

I have created CDs of all the RPMs I have built for Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. There are other sites that have some RPMs for Suse Linux, however I wanted to extend SLED10 without messing the entire system up. So, I am following certain guidelines to build these:

  • Install into a "CustomBuilt" category to easily distinguish these RPMs from Novell's
  • Apply patches to "integrate" the applications into SLED10 when necessary
  • Focus on the Default GNOME interface
  • Change the default behavior of applications when necessary for usability issues
  • Won't touch any of the provided SLED10 packages (unless noted)
  • Clean up the dependencies for easy installation

Note that these are not simply rebuilds of other RPMs. These RPMs are highly customized for SLED10 (especially for the GNOME Desktop), with most of these, I followed the build instructions provided by the Gentoo Linux distribution (a Source based GNU/Linux Distribution).

If you find any bugs or errors, or if you want to shoot me a message my email is, just remember that I am deploying SLED10 on as many people's machines as possible so I want to focus on the popular and stable packages first.

Why Suse Linux Enterprise ?

For a few years now I have been waiting for a GNU/Linux Desktop Distribution to be released that I could fully support and customize for my friends, co-workers and (very few) customers. SLED10 seems to have fit the bill perfectly, some things I like are:

  • Optimized for the Desktop - you can definately tell Novell spent a lot of time getting this distribution "just right" and (IMO) more usable than any Windows Machine.
  • Fully supported for years to come - This was very important to me, as I did not want to "re-install" the OS every year (as with other GNU/Linux Distributions).
  • Stable base system - I have been wanting a good stable base OS to build other applications that I use on. So far SLED10 has just about everything I need.
  • Staying Power! - I want an Operating System that won't "go stale" and be outdated within a few months. So far nothing (not even openSUSE 10.3, Fedora 8, Ubuntu 8.x, or even Windows Vista) even comes close to SLED10 as a Desktop Operating System

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